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Big Dan (bass player for The Disgustingtons and The Subjects) asked me to come hang out, play records, and help with sound for a couple bands he was having play at Scotland Yard last Saturday.

I didn’t see the first band, but the second band, Seven40Seven, surprised me with a cover of Hang Tough by Thelonious Monster from their record Next Saturday Afternoon.

Here’s the playlist from Saturday.

guntrafficradio 04-18-2009

1. Brian Jonestown Massacre-Anemone
2. Dream Syndicate-Bullet With My Name On It
3. GoGoGo Airheart-Rebirth
4. The Dwarves-Evil Primeval
5. Legendary Invisible Men-Spooks Night Out
6. Insect Surfers-Dorsal Fins
7. The Spits-Greyhound Bus
8. Eagles Of Death Metal-Wannabe In LA
9. The Gossip-Arkansas Heat
10. The White Stripes-Jimmy The Exploder
11. Radio Birdman-Descent Into The Maelstrom
12. The Stablisers-Frustration
13. Thee Headcoatees-Dirty Old Man
14. The Creation-Making Time
15. Minor Threat-Good Guys (Dont Wear White)
16. The Standells-Dirty Water
17. The Kandells-I Want You To Know
18. The Fall-Calender
19. Keith Kessler-Dont Crowd Me
20. Small Faces-Watcha Gonna Do About It
21. Groupies-Im A Hog For You
22. The Detroit Cobras-Cha Cha Twist
23. The Murder City Devils-Broken Glass
24. The Spits-Die Die Die
25. The Dead Kennedys-Kill The Poor
26. Beastie Boys- I Want Some
27. Rudimentary Peni-Nothing But A Nightmare
28. Knaughty Knights-Death Has Come Over Me
29. 13th Floor Elevators-You’re Gonna Miss Me
30. The Castaways-Liar, Liar
31. Black Lips-Everybody’s Doing It
32. Black Keys-10am Automatic
33. Cock Sparrer-Sunday Stripper
34. The Libertines-I Get Along
35. The Clash-Death Or Glory
36. UK Subs-Warhead
…:::::Taking a break. Big Dan is on the Wheels of Steel for 30min:::::…
…:::::Bands for 1 hour:::::…
1. Dead Moon-Dead Moon Night
2. Social Distortion-Another State Of Mind
3. Wayne Gibson-Under My Thumb
4. PJ Harvey-Sheela-Na-Gig
5. Pavement-Cut Your Hair
6. The Beatles -The Night Before
7. Black Flack-White Minority
8. Circle Jerks-Under The Gun
9. The Faction- Change Of Pace
10. Poison Idea -We got The Beat
11. Jugheads Revenge-Hit And Run
12. The Brian Jonestown Massacre-Let Me Stand Next To Your Flower
13. The Brian Jonestown Massacre-That Girl Suicide
14. The Brian Jonestown Massacre-Going To Hell
15. Donovan-Riki Tiki Tavi


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