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guntrafficradio 08-01-2009

01 The B-52’s-Devil In My Car
02 The Buzzcocks-Why Cant I Touch It
03 Slits-Typical Girls
04 The Aggrolites-Death At Ten Paces
05 The Offs-My World
06 The Selcter-On My Radio
07 The Specials-Too Much Too Young
08 The Selecter-Too Much Pressure
09 Toots & The Maytals-Funky Kingston
10 Desmond Dekker & The Acers-Israelites
11 Black Lips-Veni Vidi Vici
12 Black Keys-Work Me
13 The Brian Jonestown Massacre-Lantern
14 Donovan-Mellow Yellow
15 The Creation-The Girls Are Naked
16 Wire-I Am The Fly
17 Pixies-Bone Machine
18 Black Diamond Heavies-Smoothe It Out
19 Black Keys-10am Automatic
20 Altyrone Deno Brown-If You Love Me
21 Cyril Neville-Gossip
22 Chris Clark-Love’s Gone Bad
23 The Misfits-Astro Zombies
24 Dead To Me-Little Brother
25 The Clash-Red Angel Dragnet
26 English Beat-Mirror In The Bathroom
27 Operation Ivy-Sound System
28 The Members-Sally
29 Sham 69-Hey Little Rich Boy
30 Stiff Little Fingers-Rough Trade
31 Blanks ’77-Hit And Run
32 Siouxsie & The Banshees-Arabian Nights
33 Joy Division-Transmission
34 The Cure-Primary
35 The Saints-Everything’s Fine
36 The Bronx-Private Affair
37 The Murder City Devils-Demon Brother
38 The Troggs-I Want You
39 The Stooges-Down On The Street
40 Freddie King-Going Down
41 The Ramones-53rd & 3rd
42 Johnny Thunders-Chinese Rocks
43 Knaughty Knights-Death Has Come Over Me
44 The Flirtations-Nothing But A Heartache
45 Dead Kennedys-Lets Lynch The Landlord Man
46 Small Faces-Watcha Gonna Do About It
47 Black Flag-Black Coffee
48 The Descendents-Marriage
49 Bad Religion-Latch Key Kids
50 Fear-Beef Baloney
51 DRI-Couch Slouch
52 Wayne Gibson-Under My Thumb
53 Gloria Jones-Tainted Love
54 Crass-Rival Tribal Rebel Revel
55 Just Brothers-Sliced Tomatoes
56 Sam & Dave-Wrap It Up
57 Misfits-Nike A Go Go
58 Go Go’s-Our Lips Are Sealed
59 The Descendents-NoFb
60 Chemical People-A Pornography
61 The Pretenders-Brass In Pocket
62 X-Los Angeles
63 Sex Piatols-submission
64 U.K. Subs-Tomorrows Girls
65 The Vibrators-Automatic Lover
66 AC/DC-Live Wire
67 Guns n Roses-Out Ta Get Me
68 Guns N Roses-Welcome To The Jungle
69 After Hours-Donovan -Riki Tiki Tavi
70 Bruce Springsteen-Johnny 99
71 Johnny Cash-Send A Picture Of Mothersl
72 Slayer-The Antichrist
73 Murder City Devils-I Want Alot Now ( So Come On)
74 Mission Of Burma-That’s When I Reach For My Revolver
75 Carl Perkins-Lend Me Your Comb
76 Roy Orbison-Uptown
77 The Kinks-A Well Respected Man
78 Spacman 3-Transparent Radiation (Single Version)
79 Roger Alan Wade-Fryin’ Bacon Nekkid- for Chris Funk xoxo
80 Roger Alan Wade- Butt Ugly Slut
81 Roger Alan Wade-Johnny Cash Has Died
82 Roger Alan Wade-Gone Back To Whoring
83 Merle Haggard-Bareback
84 Cab Calloway & His Orchestra-Some Of These Days
85 Joan Jett-I Love Rock N’ Roll
86 The Runaways-American Nights
87 MC5-Teenage Lust
88 The Kinks-Strangers
89 Roger Alan Wade-If Youre Gonna Be Dumb You Gotta Be Tough


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