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New Raised By Wolves Episode is up. Special Guest: Kim Chi from The Distillers/Exene Cervenka & The Original Sinners/Pink/Slow Drug. Check It Out!

Raised By Wolves on

2009-08-29 RBW Playlist

Part 1
01 Murder City Devils-Press Gang
02 Mink Deville-Let Me Dream If I Want To
03 Cheap Trick-Hello There
04 Thin Lizzy-Jail Break
05 Iggy Pop-New Values
06 Dwarves-There Must Be Blood
07 The Huympers-Wake Up And Lose
08 Adam & The Ants-Car Trouble
09 Queens Of The Stone Age-Quick And to The Point
10 KISS-C’mon And Love Me
11 X-Hungry Wolf
12 Simple Minds-Dead Vandals
13 Ted Leo & The Pharmisists-St. John The Divine
14 Sique Sique Sputnik-Love Missile F-111 (Shoot It Up)
15 B Movie- Nowhere Girl

Part 2
01 Rocky Horror Picture Show-Rose Tint My World
02 Lou Reed-Sweet Jane
03 Prince-When You Were Mine
04 James Brown-I’ll Go Crazy
05 The Distillers-Colossus USA
06 Leftover Crack-Muppit Namblin’
07 Bad Brains-Coptic Times
08 Flaming Lips-Are You A Hypnotist?
09 Minutemen-Cut
10 NoMeansNo-The River
11 Buzzcocks-Nostalgia
12 The Professionals-The Magnificent
13 Descendants-Get The Time
14 Adolescents-Creatures


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