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guntrafficradio 09-05-2009

01 The Clash-Rudie Can’t Fail
02 Bow Wow Wow-I Want Candy
03 The Pretenders-Tattooed Love Boys
04 Guana Batz-Loan Shark
05 The Ramones-Beat On The Brat
06 The Outcasts-You’ A Disease
07 Paul Collins’ Beat-Walking Out On Love
08 The 101ers-Steamgauge 99
09 Code Blue-Somebody Knows
10 The Briefs-New Shoes
11 The Exploding Hearts-I’m A Pretender
12 The Scientists-Last Night
13 Detroit Cobras-Shout Bama Lama
14 Black Keys-10 A.M. Automatic
15 Black Lips-Katrina
16 The Unrelated Segments-Where You Gonna Go
17 The Seeds-Can’t Seem To Make You Mine
18 The Brian Jonestown Massacre-If Love Is The Drug Then O Want To O.D.
19 Buffalo Springfield-Mr. Soul
20 Simon And Garfunkel-We’ve Got A Groovey Thing Going On
21 Roy Orbison-Working For The Man
22 Crazy Teens-Crazy Date
23 The Beatles-Hey Bull Dog
24 The Kinks-Powerman
25 The Creation-Making Time
26 The Who-Can’t Explain
27 The Small Faces-Whatcha Gonna Do About It
28 Jacques Dutronc-Et moi, et moi, et moi
29 The Velvet Underground-Rock And Roll
30 David Bowie-Queen Bitch
31 Penetrators-Life Stinks
32 Wire-Three Girl Rhumba
33 Ray Charles-What’d I Say (Parts 1 & 2)
34 Otis Redding-Trick Or Treat
35 Howard Tate-Glad I Knew You Better
36 Aretha Franklin-House That Jack Built
37 Chris Clark-Love’s Gone Bad
38 Minor Threat-Cashing In
39 The Golliwogs-Brown Eyed Girl
40 The Troggs-I Want You
41 Question Mark & The Mysterians-96 Tears
42 Bad Religion-Latch Key Kids
43 Wayne Gibson-Under My Thumb
44 Death-Keep On Knocking
45 The Beatles-Helter Skelter
46 Alice Cooper-School’s Out
47 AC/DC-Dirty Deeds
48 Slade-Cum On Feel The Noize
49 Cheap Trick-I Want You To Want Me
50 Johnny Cash- A Boy Named Sue
51 The Cramps-Mean Machine
52 Thee Oh Sees-Rainbow
53 The Kills-Love Os A Deserter
54 The White Stripes-Jommy The Exploder
55 The Murder City Devils-Press Gang
56 Turbonegro-Denim Demon
57 Fear-I Don’t Care About You
58 X-In This House I Call Home
59 Dead Kennedys-Stealing Peoples Mail
60 Dead Kennedys-Let’s Lynch The Landlord Man
61 Dead Kennedys-California Über Alles
62 The Buzzcocks-Wht Can’t I Touch It
63 The Buzzcocks-Why She’s A Girl From The Chain Store
64 The Ramones-53rd & 3rd
65 Knaughty Knights-Death Has Come Over Me
66 Johnny Thunders-Chinese Rock
67 The Spits-Die Die Die
68 CH3-Manzanar
69 Agent Orange-A Cry For Help In A World Gone Mad
70 Black Flag-Police Story
71 Beowülf-Drink Fight Fuck
72 Iron Maiden-Killers
73 DRI -Couch Slouch


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