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Raised By Wolves. Special Guest: Joe Rimicci Jugheads Revenge/Black Fag/Cellfish

2009-09-05 RBW Playlist

Part 1
01 Pixies-Celia Ann
02 Lush-Sweetness And Light
03 Merle Haggard-Wishing All These Old Things Were New
04 Coven-Choke, Thirst, Die
05 Roy Orbison-Working For The Man
06 Queen-You’re My Best Friend
07 Joe Jackson-I’m The Man
08 Scott Walker-Little Things
09 The Pretenders-Bad Boys Get Spanked
10 fIREHOSE-Brave Captain
11 Buzzcocks-Why She’s A Girl From The Chain Store

Part 2
01 Bad Religion-It’s Only Over When
02 Genesis-I Know What I Like
03 Aerosmith-Mama Kin
04 Slade-Cum On Feel The Noize
05 David Bowie-Queen Bitch
06 U.K. Subs-Tomorrows Girls
07 The Briefs-Love And Ulcers
08 Pulp-Common People
09 Creedence Clearwater Revival-Wish That I Could Hide Away
10 Elastica-Annie
11 Circle Jerks-Paid Vacation
12 Scared Of Chaka-Cashed Out
13 AC/DC-Rocker (Live)
14 Cramps-Route 66
15 The Jam-Boy About Town
16 Dead Boys-Sonic Reducer
17 Radio Birdman-New Race
18 Joy Division-The Drawback
19 The Ventures-The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly


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