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New podcast episode up with Hudley Flipside. Some great stories about Darby Crash and 70s-80s punk scene. Check it Out…

Studio Guest: Hudley Flipside (Flipside Magazine)

Part 1
01 Schlong- Prologue (Punkside Story)
02 ASF- Big Women
03 Charged GBH-Give Me Fire
04 Doggystyle- First Song
05 B-52’s-Planet Claire
06 The Saints-Church Of Indifference
07 The Germs-Richie Dagger’s Crime
08 David Bowie-Joe The Lion
09 TSOL-What If They Gve A War And Nobody Came
10 The Dickies-Gigantor
11 Gang Green-Alcohol
12 Social Distortion-The Creeps
13 Fear-Camarillo
14 The Penetrators-Shopping Bag
15 Ddetox-Submerge
16 Dead Kennedys-When You Get Drafted
17 The Crowd-Wipe Out
18 Rudimentary Peni-In Crematorium Flame
19 Crass-Big A, Little A

Part 2
01 H.P. Lovecraft-Wayfaring Stranger
02 Wasted Youth- Teenage NARC
03 Adolescents-Amoeba
04 Sex Pistols-EMI
05 Adam & The Ants- Whip In My Valise
06 Mudhoney-Hate The Police
07 D.I.-Johnny’s Got A Problem
08 The Plugz-Hombre Secreto (Secret Agent Man)
09 The Germs-The Other Newest One
10 The Replacements-Stuck In The Middle


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