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Raised By Wolves Podcast 2009-12-05 Playlist

Studio Guest: Scott Shiflett (Face To Face | Viva Death | Me First and the Gimme Gimmes)

This week Scott Shiflett’s hanging out and playing records on the show; I think Scott Walker is the only other person Joe’s played more of on the podcast than Shiflett’s band, Viva Death.

Scott also brought Curse The Darkness (NEW Viva Death record) with him so listen up for some exclusive cuts off that. RADNESS!!!-Raised By Wolves


Part 1
(1) NOFX-Linoleum
(2) Pansy Division-20 Years Of Cock
(3) Kashmir-The Cynic
(4) Viva Death-Suspect
(5) Suit Fugue-Dance Of The A & R Man
(6) Kukl-Dismembered
(7) Dead Milkmen-Punk Rock Girl
(8) The Damage Manuel-Revenge Fiction
(9) The Star Fucking Hipsters-Design
(10) The Kinks-The Village Green Preservation Society
(11) Wire-I Should Have Known Better

Part 2
(1) Viva Death-Bullets Under Mind Control
(2) Tubeway Army-Are Friends Electric?
(3) Japan-Quiet Life
(4) Bauhaus-Dark Entries
(5) Viva Death-Impact
(6) Viva Death-Talking Backwards
(7) Nick Cave-Red Right Hand
(8) The Damned-I Just Can’t Be Happy Today
(9) XTC-Making Plans For Nigel
(10) Jackson United-White Flag Burning


2009-11-28 Raised By Wolves Podcast – Playlist


(1) The Business-Out In The Cold
(2) The Psychedelic Furs-It Goes On
(3) The Smiths-I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish
(4) Joy Division-Novelty
(5) Elastica-Waking Up
(6) The Rentals-Keep Sleeping
(7) Of Montreal-This Feeling
(8) The Velvet Underground-Rock’n’Roll (Bootleg Series Vol.1)
(9) Bang!-Straighten Out
(10) Johnny Lover & The Destroyers-Nevada Joe
(11) Ray Charles-I’ve Got A Woman
(12) Altered Images-Happy Birthday
(13) The Kinks-He’s Evil
(14) David Bowie-Jean Genie
(15) Frank Zappa-Troubles Everyday
(16) The Count Five-Psychotic Reaction
(17) Neil Young-Down By The River (Live at Massey Hall 1971)
(18) The Band-Ophelia
(19) John Lennon-Remember
(20) Fugazi-Blueprint
(21) Them-Baby Please Don’t Go
(22) The Clash-Charlie Don’t Surf