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Raised By Wolves 2010-01-30 Playlist

(1) The Vandals-Take It Back
(2) NOFX-Professional Crastination
(3) Dead Kennedys-Anarchy For Sale
(4) NoMeansNo-The Valley Of The Blind
(5) The Mentors-I Wanna Spank You
(6) Saxon-20000 Ft.
(7) Judas Priest-Heading Out To The Highway
(8) The Flaming Lips-Fight Test
(9) Perry And Kingsley-Swans Splashdown
(10) Neu!-Isi
(11) Harry Nilsson-Jump Into The Fire
(12) Bob Dylan-Things Have Changed
(13) Yo La Tengo-3 Blocks From Grove Street
(14) Girls Against Boys-Bullet Proof Cupid
(15) Blonde Redhead-A Cure
(16) The Boys-Monotony
(17) Blondie-In The Flesh
(18) The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion-Back Slider
(19) The Chesterfield Kings-The Hustler
(20) Star Fucking Hipsters-Severance Pay


New episodes every Monday. Hosted by guntrafficradio & Joe Doherty. Playing Rock’n’Roll | Punk | Garage | Soul

This Weeks Playlist

2009-08-22 RBW Playlist
Part 1
01 X-Soul Kitchen (Doors)
02 Devo-Secret Agent Man (Steve Barri & P.F. Sloan)
03 Exploding Hearts-Walking Out On Love (Paul Collins’ Beat)
04 Insect Surfers-Ex-Lion Tamer (Wire)
05 Jeff Dahl & Poison Idea-Open Your Eyes (Lords Of The New Church)
06 7 Seconds-99 Luft Balloons (Lena)
07 Canned Heat-Let’s Work Together (Wilbert Harrison)
08 Fear-We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (The Animals)
09 Mummies-I’m Down (Beatles)
10 The Bronx-Private Affair (The Saints)
11 Reverend Horton Heat-Jezebel (Wayne Shanklin)
12 Gary Oldman-I Wanna Be Your Dog (The Stooges)
13 Lars Fredrickson & The Bastards-For You (Anti-Nowhere League)
14 The Clash-Pressure Drop (Toots & The Maytals)
15 Camper Van Beethoven-Pictures Of Matchstick Men (Status Quo)
16 Siouxsie & The Banshees-Dear Prudence (Beatles)
17 Tom Jones-This Is A Mans World (James Brown)
18 Stray Cats-Something Else (Eddie Cochran)
19 The Stranglers-Walk On By (Burt Bacharach)
20 The Germs-Round And Round (Chuck Berry)
21 George Thurogood-Cocaine Blues (Johnny Cash)
22 Johnny Cash-Rowboat (Beck)
23 The Sonics-Louie, Louie (Chuck Berry)

Part 2
01 Neil Diamond0Red Rubber Ball (Paul Simon & Bruce Woodley)
02 Grateful Dead-Big River (Johnny Cash)
03 Circle Jerks-Goldern Shower Of Hits Medley
04 The Faction-California Dreamin’ (Mamas & The Papas)
05 Blitz-Suffragette City (David Bowie)
06 Slayer-Filler/I Don’t Want To Hear It (Minor Threat)
07 Johnny Halladay-Fils De Personne (Fortunate Sun) (John Fogerty)
08 Guns & Roses-Attitude (Misfits)
09 Johnny Thunders-Great Big Kiss (Shangri Las)
10 The Doors-Gloria (Them)

I posted the new RBW episode at In Studio guest, Big Dan. This episode has got a bit of punk, soul, 60s, and rock n’ roll. Check it out.

Big Dan (bass player for The Disgustingtons and The Subjects) asked me to come hang out, play records, and help with sound for a couple bands he was having play at Scotland Yard last Saturday.

I didn’t see the first band, but the second band, Seven40Seven, surprised me with a cover of Hang Tough by Thelonious Monster from their record Next Saturday Afternoon.

Here’s the playlist from Saturday.

guntrafficradio 04-18-2009

1. Brian Jonestown Massacre-Anemone
2. Dream Syndicate-Bullet With My Name On It
3. GoGoGo Airheart-Rebirth
4. The Dwarves-Evil Primeval
5. Legendary Invisible Men-Spooks Night Out
6. Insect Surfers-Dorsal Fins
7. The Spits-Greyhound Bus
8. Eagles Of Death Metal-Wannabe In LA
9. The Gossip-Arkansas Heat
10. The White Stripes-Jimmy The Exploder
11. Radio Birdman-Descent Into The Maelstrom
12. The Stablisers-Frustration
13. Thee Headcoatees-Dirty Old Man
14. The Creation-Making Time
15. Minor Threat-Good Guys (Dont Wear White)
16. The Standells-Dirty Water
17. The Kandells-I Want You To Know
18. The Fall-Calender
19. Keith Kessler-Dont Crowd Me
20. Small Faces-Watcha Gonna Do About It
21. Groupies-Im A Hog For You
22. The Detroit Cobras-Cha Cha Twist
23. The Murder City Devils-Broken Glass
24. The Spits-Die Die Die
25. The Dead Kennedys-Kill The Poor
26. Beastie Boys- I Want Some
27. Rudimentary Peni-Nothing But A Nightmare
28. Knaughty Knights-Death Has Come Over Me
29. 13th Floor Elevators-You’re Gonna Miss Me
30. The Castaways-Liar, Liar
31. Black Lips-Everybody’s Doing It
32. Black Keys-10am Automatic
33. Cock Sparrer-Sunday Stripper
34. The Libertines-I Get Along
35. The Clash-Death Or Glory
36. UK Subs-Warhead
…:::::Taking a break. Big Dan is on the Wheels of Steel for 30min:::::…
…:::::Bands for 1 hour:::::…
1. Dead Moon-Dead Moon Night
2. Social Distortion-Another State Of Mind
3. Wayne Gibson-Under My Thumb
4. PJ Harvey-Sheela-Na-Gig
5. Pavement-Cut Your Hair
6. The Beatles -The Night Before
7. Black Flack-White Minority
8. Circle Jerks-Under The Gun
9. The Faction- Change Of Pace
10. Poison Idea -We got The Beat
11. Jugheads Revenge-Hit And Run
12. The Brian Jonestown Massacre-Let Me Stand Next To Your Flower
13. The Brian Jonestown Massacre-That Girl Suicide
14. The Brian Jonestown Massacre-Going To Hell
15. Donovan-Riki Tiki Tavi