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Hello one and all and Happy New Year! New episode of Raised By Wolves up for your listening pleasure. xo Chris & Joe

Raised By Wolves 2012-01-02

  1. Gloria Jones-Tainted Love
  2. Joy Division-Means To An End
  3. Comsat Angels-Independence Day
  4. The War On Drugs-Baby Missiles
  5. Big Eyes-I Prefer To Be Alone


  1. X-In This House That I Call Home
  2. The Clash-Junco Partner
  3. The Dream Syndicate-When You Smile


  1. Shimmering Stars-I’m Gonna Try
  2. The Magnetic Fields-The Saddest Story Ever Told
  3. Sparks-This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us
  4. Guided By Voices-Quality Of Armor
  5. Superchunk-Skip Steps 1 & 3
  6. B-52’s-Hero Worship

Here’s the new guntrafficradio v.001.09 podcast for January. I’ll get the playlist up for everyone tomorrow. It features some of my favourite songs from The Scientists, Knaughty Knights, Simple Minds, Jay Reatard, The Saints, Ike & Tina Turner… It’s a good mix of my forte: Punk, Garage, & Soul.

DJ’d a Soul set at Studio Morké in Downtown Los Angeles last weekend. The ocassion was a sreening for a short film called Voyage de Temps, shot by my friend Chris Blauvelt, a.k.a. SkatePunk. The playlist for that will be up shortly; might make that the next podcast, we’ll see.

RESTAVRANT (from Victoria, TX) played a set on the roof with the downtown skyline as their backdrop. Those guys are great, saw them on New Years Eve at the Bank Building in Downtown LA but the acoustics in that place really blew, this was way better.

Anyway… tons of cool people Saturday, met Drew & Ron from GoldenYears, haven’t seen their band yet but those two guys were super nice. Gonna see ’em at Hang The DJ’s on Feb. 21.

guntrafficradio v.001.09 Playlist
1.53rd & 3rd—The Ramones
2.Things Are Moving—Angry Angles
3.Death Has Come Over Me—Knaughty Knights
4.Die Die Die—The Spits
5.Champagne Misery—The Saints
6.Frantic Romanric—The Scientists
7.Sniffin’ Glue—The Exploding Hearts
8.Rotten Love—The Briefs
9.Beat My Guest—Adam & The Ants
10.Did You Ever—Simple Minds
11.Another Person—Jay Reatard
12.Love In A Void—Siouxsie & The Banshees
13.Germ Free Adolescents—X-Ray Spex
14.Dub Will Tear Us Apart—Jah Division
15.Going Down—Freddie King
16.Life Stinks—The Penetrators
17.I Wanna Be Free—The Rings
18.Just Anotha Teenage Rebel—The Outcasts
19.We Got Your Money—Big Boys
20.Sally—The Members
21.First Date (Are YouComing On To Me)—The Fleshtones
22.My Baby Does Good Sculptures—The Rezillos
23.New Age—Blitz
24.Big A, Little A—Crass
25.Too Hot To Hold—Ike & Tina Turner
26.The Big Three Killed My Baby—The White Stripes